Italian Market Tour + Taste


What IS the Italian Market, anyway?

The Italian Market is a culinary extravaganza, a bazaar of food shops and curbside stands, a local tradition since the 1880s. Philly's unique merchants sell fresh produce, prepared foods, imported products and kitchen equipment. On these sightseeing tours, taste fresh radishes in one booth, buy fresh pasta, breathe a whiff of fresh thyme, sigh over a cheese cannoli.  

When? Where?

Year round, street vendors in the Italian Market hawk apples, aprons and asparagus from carts, keeping warm with open fires in the winter, seeking shelter under colorful, blocks-long awnings in mid-summer. These sightseeing tours take you down South Ninth Street -- Philly's best.

Can we eat in a local restaurant?

You betcha. Dozens of Philly's best restaurants restaurants dot this area. The Italian Market specializes in traditional Italian dishes topped with house-made tomato sauce, called “gravy” by the locals. The servers might call you Hon, and the red wine might fill short glass tumblers. These sightseeing tours are filled with local color. 

Are there retail shops?

Yes, the Italian Market is all local. Not all purchases are bargains – some are only delightful one-of-a-kinds – but I buy a pound of capers here for less than you pay for a tiny, 2.4-ounce jar. During these sightseeing tours, we’ll admire, smell and maybe taste, Philly's best taste treats.

Unless it’s a busy weekend or the day before a major holiday, we’ll chat with shop owners and clerks. 

Delighted travelers

"We grew up in Philly and wanted to show our kids around. Susie reminded us about the Italian Market. We had a great time on these sightseeing tours, bought a few amazing kitchen tools and fresh peppers. And that pasta dinner was brilliant, even though we now consider ourselves foodies."

Ellen Goring, San Francisco.

Fine print

Three hours for $180. Priceless.

  • For your group of up to 8 people. 
  • Includes: The time and attention of an excellent local guide. 
  • Excludes: Personal shopping, food, tips and gratuities for your guide.